Check out Cattie singing Streets of Bakersfield with her pals the Ditch Bank Okies!

DBO recorded their LIVE album at the Starline in Fresno this summer.

Can we get a Yeehaw, M(y) F(riends)?

Look for it soon!


Around Christmas time we opened for and partied a little too hard with

The Supersuckers


Check Cattie out on satellite TV show
La Panthere sort ses Griffes
live in Paris
with her friends
The Hot Rocks
December 2006
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Swooning over Jack Baymoore, she wants to remind you that she's his friend on!  Hot dog!   Why is Uddevalle so far away? 

Ohmigoodness, check out this great Cattie article in the French magazine:

  Jumpin from 6 to 6


Were you expecting Cattie to be anything but:

 Brigitte Bardot!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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Now you try, girlies!





Cattie's Fresno Bee Article/April 16, 2004 the whole world knows she's married!
Cattie Fan Mail: are a Hottie...Classic remind me so much of my friends mom...shes hott too...just thought i let you know...Maybe you and i can go out sometimes...
Now that's a tomcat who knows how to make Cattie SMILE:)
Check out
one of the largest rockabilly sites in the world...great links too!



A few pictures from the Benefit...please send more!

Norma's benefit show turned out super.  Cattie Ness & the Revenge finished off the superb line-up that included Aces & 8's, Big Sandy, The Irish Brothers, Rene & Tony doing a heartbreaking version of "Blue Moon, and Hellbound Hayride.

Goddess bless
the little strolling queen.

Our bass player Fabi has a page dedicated to Norma Jean as well.  Please check out this lovely tribute to her dear friend, known affectionately as RowdyLilPistol.


Check out Redd Stewart's page!  Who's that?  Well, geeze, don't you know PeeWee King's guitar player...he wrote the Tennessee Waltz, duh!  Sign the guestbook too!




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