Viva Las Vegas 2004

We're looking for pics of Cattie playing the Showroom...please send some soon!

In the meantime, check these out:)


Proving, once again, she knows all the wildest cats and they love her too!!!

Here's Cattie with the coolest cat in Germany, her pal Andy, and with the King of Blackabilly, Mr. Eric Sheridan, and with wildest cat in town, Rockin' Ronny Weiser.


Wow!!!  There's Big Boy Bloater and his killer sax player...who is that woman?

Oh, and there's Eric Sheridan at the Vinylux Records Showcase...ain't he sharp?


Here's Cattie's kick-ass bass player Miss Fabi Dean and her main squeeze Eddie Munster...or is his name Bobby?  Ryan?  Never can get it straight!  And that's Cattie's kick-ass guitar player (and husband) with KSCI DJ Miss Wanda of the Howdilicious Show...yes ma'am, she always play Cattie!

Woohoo, musta been Saturday night as the fellas were dressed to kill!


And here's our pretty girl with Moldy Marvin of Rat Fink, giving the new bride a kiss...and hanging with her buds from Colorado, Paul Galaxy and the Galactix.

If there's trouble to be found, Cattie's number one pal, Miss Laurie, can find it!  Here is she is with the notorious Manny out of Santa Barbara...ladies beware, he is a heartbreaker and he might set you on fire too!


Miss Laurie wonders what PeeWee could be doing with his hand down his pants and here she is with a very nice piece of wood, uh, I mean lumberjack!  We definitely see the attraction.


Well no bands this year at the car show, but plenty of great cars, including Cattie's favorite flamed one!

Miss Laurie, photographer Deborah Badigian and Cattie all set for trolling on Friday night.


Original 50's acts The Teenagers and Gene Summers wowed the enormous crowd!


That cutie Ronnie Joyner from the FleaBops and Nicky Kay and the Kaytones rocked us BACK EAST style.


Deke Dickerson and Lloyd Tripp doing it California style...yeah, I know they're from somewhere else, but they're California guys now as far as we're concerned!!!

The happy couple on Saturday night!


More pics to come...give us a day or so!





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